The Lovely Gift Group Story

The Lovely Gift Group was launched in what was the most surreal and worrying time for us all, during Lockdown 2020.  It is often in the most challenging times that we rise and succeed and it was during our most stressful days that we found the strength to move forward, take risks and rather than our business go under, we have fortunately found new energy and flourished!

Five years earlier in 2015, was launched after 2 years of market research, and inspired by another challenging and worrying time. 

In 2013, Helen's baby twins were born prematurely at just 29 weeks and they spent the first 10 weeks of their lives in Neo-Natal care. The nurses gave Helen precious keepsakes, such as tiny oxygen masks, but she didn’t have anything special to keep them in. Around the same time her young son left nursery with precious paintings that she realised she wasn't looking after either. And finally, when a dear friend was diagnosed with a life limiting illness, the family understood the importance of treasuring each moment and memory with keepsakes. 

With tiny twins now to care for, a career in marketing wasn't the priority and the germ of the idea for her own business, creating and selling keepsakes that could be flexible around family life, began to emerge. 

Just two years after the twins were born, The Lovely Keepsake Company sold it's first keepsake gift and today, remains a hugely popular online keepsake gift store.

But in 2020, fuelled by a fear that stockists would close through Covid, thus threatening their own business' survival, the small team of two, Helen and Amy, took the small step but big risk, of trying their hand at creating their own products bringing their own bespoke designs to life.  Helen and husband Jason decided to throw everything behind the survival and future of the business taking a bigger risk with Jason joining the business, launching two new sales websites and so it was then that The Lovely Gift Group was born. 

Today, we have a wonderful fun and talented time team of 12 working in our studio, office and warehouse, we have two of our very own keepsake brands, Oh So Precious and Angels, Wings & Feathers, and we are proud to have CEC Co-operative, Pets at Home, B&Q and The Range amongst our fabulous client list that also includes some of the most innovative and passionate small UK businesses and organisations including gift shops, pet stores, garden centres, crematoriums, hospices.  We are also exceptionally proud of our charity customers. 

The fabulous LGG team (the Gift Group Goonies) continue to come up with new ideas for products, fresh designs and super new contacts who love our gifts, both our own brands and personalised gifts.     

"I love that The Lovely Gift Group offers a huge range of heart-warming keepsake gift ideas for our customers and am beyond proud to see our concepts and beautiful gifts on sale either online or on shelves in a store. But most of all, I love that I am able to live out a dream of running a retail business whilst still giving 100% to my three kids, who afterall, were behind the original inspiration and give me daily reasons to cherish memories!"  Helen Davies.